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Highs and lows of Forces life from the longest serving female RAF Chinook Force crew member.

Read Liz’s story, in her own words.

Liz McConaghy

"I am no hero, heroine or trailblazer, I'm just a crewman, who put her thoughts down on paper to get them out of my head."

This isn't a book about war, it's a book about a journey through life, the lessons we learn without even knowing, that help us when we least expect it."

From a small town in County Down

Aged 21, the youngest aircrew member

Witnessing the highs and lows of war

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Unleash Resilient Leadership: Elevate Your Team with Liz's Inspiring Journey Discover the power of resilience, leadership, and effective teamwork in your business with Liz McConaghy's motivational talks.


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Inspire Tomorrow's Leaders: Liz's Journey from Small Town to History-Making Aviator Motivate students with the story of determination and empowerment, connecting them to real-world opportunities and choices beyond the classroom.


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Inspiring Change: Liz's Transformation from Trauma Survivor to Mental Health Advocate Liz McConaghy's story captivates and motivates, raising engagement, funds, and awareness for your charitable cause.

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