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Why not bring Liz McConaghy's extraordinary journey and inspirational resilience to your business, school, or charity?

Book her for a motivational talk that promises unique insights and a powerful message of hope

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your Business

Unleash Resilient Leadership: Elevate Your Team with Liz's Inspiring Journey Discover the power of resilience, leadership, and effective teamwork in your business with Liz McConaghy's motivational talks.


your School

Inspire Tomorrow's Leaders: Liz's Journey from Small Town to History-Making Aviator Motivate students with the story of determination and empowerment, connecting them to real-world opportunities and choices beyond the classroom.


your Charity

Inspiring Change: Liz's Transformation from Trauma Survivor to Mental Health Advocate Liz McConaghy's story captivates and motivates, raising engagement, funds, and awareness for your charitable cause.

Inspire your Business

Unlocking Success Through Resilience

Liz McConaghy's motivational talks for businesses are designed to inspire and empower your team to overcome challenges and achieve new heights of success. With her unique journey as the longest-serving female crewman in the Royal Air Force Chinook Fleet, Liz brings invaluable lessons in resilience, leadership, and effective teamwork.

By booking Liz for your business event, you can expect:

Resilience: Liz's story of surviving and thriving after traumatic experiences offers valuable insights into building resilience, enabling your team to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to change.

Leadership: Liz's experiences as a trailblazing female in a male-dominated field provide powerful lessons in leadership, encouraging your team to take charge and lead by example.

Team Building: Learn how to foster a collaborative and supportive team environment, as Liz shares her experiences of working in high-stress situations where trust and cooperation are essential.

Energise your School

Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow

Liz McConaghy's motivational talks for schools are not only educational but also deeply inspiring. She connects with students on a personal level, sharing her journey from a small town in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, to becoming a history-making Chinook crew member.

When you book Liz for your school event, your students will benefit from:

Resilience and Determination: Liz's story serves as a powerful example of determination and resilience, motivating students to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and never give up.

Empowering Young Women: Liz's journey as the only female crewman on the Chinook wing is an empowering message to young girls that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Career Insights: Gain valuable insights into career opportunities and life beyond the classroom as Liz provides students with a real-world perspective on different professions and life choices.

Uplift your Charity

Inspiring Positive Change

Liz McConaghy's motivational talks for charities are a source of inspiration and motivation, designed to help you raise awareness and funds for your cause. Liz's story of survival, recovery, and transformation is a testament to the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity.

When you book Liz for your charity event, you can expect:

Increased Engagement: Liz's compelling narrative captivates audiences, increasing engagement and support for your charity's mission.

Raising Funds: Motivate donors to contribute to your cause by sharing Liz's journey from adversity to advocacy, demonstrating the impact of charitable donations on individuals in need.

Advocacy and Awareness: Liz's commitment to mental health and PTSD advocacy can help raise awareness for your charity's cause and encourage active involvement from supporters.

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