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"Just breathe..."

''She's awake'.... the words I hear as my eyes bang open.

I had no idea where I was or what was happening, there were faces staring down at me in masks

saying 'Elizabeth' over and over. There were noises beeping loudly and I couldn't move...

Liz McConaghy

"I am no hero, heroine or trailblazer, I'm just a crewman, who put her thoughts down on paper to get them out of my head."

This isn't a book about war, it's a book about a journey through life, the lessons we learn without even knowing, that help us when we least expect it."

From a small town in County Down

Aged 21, the youngest aircrew member

Witnessing the highs and lows of war

Motivational Speaking




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Inspire Tomorrow's Leaders: Liz's Journey from Small Town to History-Making Aviator Motivate students with the story of determination and empowerment, connecting them to real-world opportunities and choices beyond the classroom.



Inspiring Change: Liz's Transformation from Trauma Survivor to Mental Health Advocate Liz McConaghy's story captivates and motivates, raising engagement, funds, and awareness for your charitable cause.

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