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'Few things bring me more joy than sharing my story and empowering others, knowing the positive impact it can have...'

Celebrating Success:

Feedback from Liz's Clients

'Inspirational, Genuine, Relatable...'

Liz was our inspirational speaker at our flagship event 'Women into Employment' last year (June 2023).

Not only was her story inspirational in the true sense of the word, but she spoke with compassion, deep human insight, and most importantly, relatability. She has a talent for connection with people on any level and speaks genuinely and from the heart.

Liz also spoke at our staff annual conference, and it was interesting to see how she is able to seamlessly tailor her talks not only to a different audience but to the time slot on offer (her 20 min speech at Women into Employment was as impactful as her 40 min speech at our conference).

She has a natural stage presence and is, of course, highly adept at public speaking with clear projection, succinct style and fantastic sense of humour. It was a privilege to hear her on both occasions. Probably the best feedback is shown below in our post event delegate feedback report which we ask all attendees to complete – as you can see, she scored 96% excellent.

'Captivating Insight on PTSD...'

Liz’s presentation was fantastic.

By sharing her journey coping through PTSD enabled our people to get a better understanding of the condition and most importantly, how to manage it.

The audience was totally captivated on her every word."

Ben, Deputy Chair, RAF Northolt Resilience Community

"Powerful, Hilarious, Heartfelt"

'Liz's speaking slot was excellent.

I've been in the presence of what feels like half of the "SAS off the TV" squad, comedians and other more publicly visible characters and her session landed the hardest blows, in a good way.

Liz had us in stitches of laughter and her sense of humour (I guess partly from spending so long in a largely male environment) absolutely hit the mark, and that was quite often followed up very rapidly with welling up and holding back the sniffles when she opened up about some of her life events.

All in all really enjoyable.'

"Truly Inspirational"

We invited Liz McConaghy to deliver a talk this week to our colleagues for International Woman's Day. We'd like to say a massive thank you to Liz for sharing her story about her career in the Armed Forces and journey after.

Many of our colleagues thought her story was truly inspirational and by sharing her mental health journey so openly and honestly will encourage others to do the same, and reach out for help if they need it.

'Put your own oxygen mask on first' is a great piece of advice.

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